"A generous person will prosper; whoever    refreshes others will be refreshed"

For just a one time donation of $48, you can have access to every FTP International Institue course that we make available. Your donation is not only tax deductible, but it helps to enable, empower, and equip us to make the greatest impact possible. Heres exactly what your $48 donations provides:


$800 worth of life-saving medicines to children in 100 different countries. 

100 meals to Americans struggling with hunger

Provide the necessary funding for our team to host discipleship training conferences throughout the U.S.


Ae we stated before our classes will always remain free. But we believe, its people like you, who partner with people like us, to solve problems like this. So if for some reason you cannot donate today, please remember us tomorrow.  

2018 Projects & Goals

*Provide 100,000 children worldwide with the medical assistance

necessary to sustain a healthy lifestyle


*Provide 50,000 meals to Americans struggling with hunger 


* Clothe Atlanta: Provide Atlanta's entire homless population with clothing and other necessary recources to survive 


*Raise funding for our "Fit for the Fight" conferences and outreach programs.


*Create safe enviroments dedicated to seeing lives radically transformed by the good news and the gospel. 






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