FTP International Institute is specifically designed to provide discipleship training and educational courses created to enable, empower, and equip individuals who do not have the opportunity to pursue a traditional college education. These educational courses provide Bible-based lessons used for individual study, small groups, homes, schools, prisons, as well as local and international church bodies.  


Our purpose at FTPII is to educate, motivate, unify, and mobilize the body of Christ to continue the work of the great commission for this generation and generations to come.

Mobilizing The Body


The Church is a spiritual body under commission. Since 99% of the Church is composed of laymen, this force must be motivated to become reproductive in order to harvest the spiritual fields of the nations of the world.


Through the application of Scriptural principals, this training results in each believer having the potential to raise up other motivated followers of Christ, creating a network of unified believers throughout the world.   


FTP International Institute is not a seminary for those who desire study of theological issues or training in Biblical languages, archeology, history, etc. Furthermore, FTPII is not in competition with any traditional seminaries, Bible colleges etc. We do not identify as a specific denomination, we believe we are unified through Christ as representatives of love through action and in truth. As representatives of Christ, we offer these resources to give pastors and leaders the opportunity to be trained and train their own people within the ministry setting of their local body.

Functional Mobility 


Through the internet, modern technology, local translation, publication, and distribution, these courses can be taken anywhere in the world which allows believers to be trained without leaving their present environment. 


Students study within the context of their own culture, allowing their daily activities to remain stable. Our Institute uses the distant factor as a positive element in developing learning independence. The goal of these educational courses is not to make students dependent upon teachers, but independent of them.


Cost Effective 


In its digital format, FTP International Institute can be taken into nations without custom problems or expensive shipping costs. It can be downloaded from the internet free of charge throughout the world as well as being reproduced on flash drives and SD cards etc. This allows individual countries to access and reproduce the materials while keeping costs at a minimum. 




The institute is a decentralized training program. This means that minimum control is exercised by institute headquarters. We provide curriculum and guidelines for reproduction, translations, and organizing schools, but we do not control the details of the operation of local institutes. Decentralization enables rapid growth and provides the flexibility necessary for a cross-cultural program of this nature. 


Curriculum Emphasis 


The curriculum of FTPII emphasizes in two major areas:

First: What Jesus taught by word and demonstration to raise up trained and motivated leadership. Training focuses on what He taught to transform simple men into reproductive Christians who reached the known world with the Gospel message in a demonstration of love and power.


Second: The curriculum emphasizes what was demonstrated and taught during the times of the Acts and Epistles as His plan was instituted in the early Church.


Copyright Regulations


You may freely reproduce and distribute Haverstime/FTPII materials.

You may charge a reasonable fee if you are printing the courses or providing them with Sd cards or flash drives.

You may not commercialize the Harvestime or FTPII materials or put your own name on them as the Author

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